Luisa Ghast


Luisa is a stunningly attractive woman who appears to be in her mid- to late 20’s. Her latin American ancestry is obvious, though her skin is always very pale and her hair has been pure white for as long as anyone can remember. She is neither tall nor short, and she has the uncanny ability to disappear inside of a crowd.


Luisa is the head of the Ghast Family. As the White Court has traditionally controlled Louisville, that also means that she presides over all the vampires in the city as well. Despite this, she is known to be well liked by many in the community. Strangely, she is also a friend of Blind Sarah and is one of the few vampires who have free license to go about the Highlands. It was suspected, at first, that she her access was political, but the two have been seen together enjoying themselves often enough that those rumors have mostly disappeared. Their friendship also seems to go back to before Blind Sarah.

Despite her appearance, she should not be underestimated. She is incredibly talented with a whip, and her natural vampire strength is nothing to be ignored even when unarmed. While often friendly and approachable, she can be violently ruthless when the situation calls for it. She has been challenged under Code Duello three times since her reign began. The first was her father, whom she killed with her first blow. The second was her brother, who she has allowed to live as an organizing point for her enemies. The third, and most recent challenge was Dal Salvador, the local head of the Red Court vampires, at the start of the War. Sal had wanted her to side with the Red Court, and had pushed her to play her hand. She ended all arguments there.

As a result of her victory over Salvador, tension between the Ghasts and the Red Court have been strained as of late. With such proximity to one of their stronghold and a wizard stronghold nearby as well, these tensions have been causing her innumerable headaches lately.

Like the rest of her family, she feeds on lust. She gets along well with her sisters and her youngest brother Domingo. Her oldest brother, Juan, was humiliated by her when he challenged for leadership and has been plotting against her ever since.

She holds court at the Angel Rock Bar.

Luisa Ghast

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