Blind Sarah

The wizardess who controls the Highlands


Blind Sarah, as her name implies, is physically blind. Her mage sight, however, if fully developed and her inner eye guides her when she is in battle or in court. It is a fool who tells a lie in her court. She looks to be in her late middle age, though that doesn’t say much since she is a wizard.


Little of Blind Sarah’s history is know. In the 1970’s she appeared and claimed the Highlands, and any who opposed it quietly disappeared. Since the late 80’s, her rule has gone unopposed, and she is now a Freeholding Lord under the Unseelie Accords.

It is known that she does not like vampires, especially the Red and Black Courts. This has been true as long as she has been in the area. No one knows why, and the last time anyone asked they spent two days as a frog.

The White Council treats her as a member, but due to her status as a Freeholding Lord they have no power over her. As far as anyone knows, she wasn’t trained by any current members and she was never initiated or tested. She tolerates the farce so long as the Wardens in her territory behave.

Blind Sarah is known to be a very capable thaumaturgist, with very controlled, disciplined applications of her gifts. She has been seen to exhibit precision control over Fire, Water, and Earth evocation and is a deft hand at transformation and potion making. No one has seen her enchant anything or use crafted implements, though their existence is likely and probably incredibly powerful.

She regularly holds court at Lynn’s Paradise Cafe after hours. Regular guests include Luisa Ghast, Bill Evans, and, more infrequently, representatives of both fey courts. On Halloween, she often disguises herself as a crone and set up on a corner of Bardstown Road telling the fortunes of passers-by. As one can imagine from a mage who spends most of their time seeing through their inner eye, she is rarely wrong. She is friends with Ghast and tolerates Evans.

Blind Sarah

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