Auberon Thane

Wizard Wannabe

High Concept:

Shockingly Undisciplined Student of the Occult.


This wasn’t in the books.

  • This is My Father’s Gun
  • Follow in my Father’s Footsteps.
  • Not Afraid to Swim

+4 Conviction
+4 Guns
+3 Investigation
+3 Lore
+2 Athletics
+2 Resources
+1 Presence
+1 Discipline


Physical: 2
Mental: 4
Social 3

Supernatural Abilities:

-2 Channeling
-1 Sight
-0 Wizards Constitution


Desert Eagle


Auberon comes from a military family stationed in Frankfort. His mother, Linda, had raised him while his father, Jonathon, was deployed, both at home and throughout most of his schooling. As a local high school literature teacher she throughly versed to embarrassing her know-it-all son.
Life changed first for Auberon, who was named after an obscure spelling of a Shakespearean character, when his mother went missing. She just vanished off the face the of the earth his graduating year. With his mother missing he was left to tend the house until his father could return from active deployment. His only purpose in life became keeping the estate up and nothing else seemed to matter.
His father returned home less than a year after Linda had disappeared and immediately began researching the disappearance. The police had little evidence and had given up on ever finding her. What was strange about the disappearance was that she was there one second and gone the next. She had been out at a bar with her girlfriends celebrating life. She didn’t goto the bath room, she didn’t step outside for some air, she was just gone. Barkeep swore that he had handed her a drink not two seconds prior.
This led Johnathon to a life of obsession, occult studies and a completly insane belife in the paranormal. He disappeared early this year leaving Auberon with a over mortgaged estate, and his favorite desert eagle.

Rising Conflict:

With his crazy father missing and bills to pay Auberon had every intention of making sure that Thane estate was kept up properly. With no job and more bills than he could manage it was looking to be an impossible task. All of this was brought to an abrupt halt by the development of a certain gift.
The discovery that his father was in fact quite sane shocked Auberon’s world. He began to study every book and strange object his father had collected. The last entry in the father’s hidden away journal was that he was tracking down a group of Vampires in Louisville.
That’s too far. Not the distance but that there are real, garlic hating, shoe untying vampires. Auberon’s sight had proved to him that was more to this world then most could see but maybe his father had been insane. Despite his father’s insanity, Auberon had to find out what happened to him.

First Story:

When Auberon Thane’s investigations lead him to the Highlands, he discovers that his father had made enemies in Louisville. Lost and without transportation will he make it back without being discovered by the local Vampires?

His arrival in Louisville was much less exciting that Auberon had hoped for. He began poking around and asking questions. Questions that led him into the highlands to meet one Blind Sarah. Sarah stated that while she was unsure of his fathers whereabouts that there had been some talk of an outsider poking around for Supernatural forces. She points Auberon to a Wizard bar on fourth street, outside of her jurisdiction. Fourth street she called it.
The bar wasn’t what he thought, he expected to see floating chess pieces and pool balls moving about on their own. Instead he got “The Pub.” It was made to look old timey but obviously hadn’t been there too long based on the staff cleaning up quite a mess, they had had a pretty large crowd the night before. Only one man sat at the bar, no pointy hat, no wand in hand. Auberon approached asking if there was any chance that he knew where he could find “Old Warren.” This provoked a rather large amount of laughter from the seemingly young man.
“Old!” He started. “I suppose that means Blind Sarah sent you then.”
Their conversation led to much more understanding than Auberon had ever had. This man knew of the Sight that had let him find his way here. And he was able to explain, to some extent, why electronics had stopped working around Auberon and why lightning kept flowing from Auberon. “Static shock, huh?” Had been the initial response. “Might have to be careful around you, I rather like my heart beating the way it is now.”
All of this explained so much to Auberon, but there was so much that went over his head. The news of his father having a run in with the group of Vampires was what finally pushed Auberon to get up and leave. He still had trouble accepting that they existed let alone that his father had made an enemy of them.
His trip home would be one of deep meditation on what in his fathers collection was real and what was just folk lore. That is if he car was still in the same parking spot he had left it. Guess it was towed, since the development of his “powers” electronics seemed to just die on him. He thought about catching a bus but knew full well that it would break down before he made it home and then he would be stuck even more lost than he was now. What did Blind Sarah mean by out of her jurisdiction? Was this Vampire territory? The trip home should be interesting.

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Auberon Thane

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