The Dixie Détente

Louisville is a city sitting on the edge of war with a carefully garnered and tenuous peace.

The Vampire War is raging across the world, with heavy casualties on both sides. Summer and Winter are still at odds after their aborted war. The world is in upheaval, with the mortals blissfully unaware.

Louisville stands among a small group of supernatural city-states that have remained largely separate from these hostilities, however. Part of the reason is the not inconsiderable Highlands, a Free-state under the Unseelie Accords. Controlled by an independent wizard known only as Blind Sarah, the Highlands tend to dictate the way Louisville moves forward.

Lately, the White Council has been trying to strong arm Sarah into siding with them, but her power base has thus far held. Interestingly, Sarah has always held vampires, especially the Red Court in disdain. Vampires are, with few exceptions, not welcome in the Highlands, and the Red and Black Courts are often killed on sight unless they have clear permission from Blind Sarah.

Similar to the Highlands, the Downtown area is controlled by the White Court vampires, led by the Ghast Family, an offshoot of the powerful Raith clan. Luisa Ghast controls the family, and she rules from the Fourth Street club district. While a vampire territory, the different supernatural sects are all welcome, though the elder few are generally encouraged to meet elsewhere, since their presence tends to disturb mortals. Like the Raiths, the Ghasts are opportunistic, though they tend to side in favor of the White Council.

There have been rumors of ghoul and Black Court activity in the area of late, especially in the outlying towns in Kentucky and Indiana. To the West is Evansville, an old wizard stronghold. To the East is Lexington, a Red Court controlled college town. South lies Elizabethtown, which is nominally neutral Fey Territory, though the Winter court has been maintaining the peace of late.

Louisville: The Dixie Debu-Détente Ball

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